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GroupBuy – XD75RE Ortho keyboard

The keyboard keycaps available in the group buy

Get the XD75RE while it’s hot

Quite a few visitors on this side has shown interest in my ortho-linear keyboard XD75Re.  There have been requests about how to buy it from China (AliExpress) and what to get.

A few days ago Max from Cable Car Designs opened a Group Buy for this particular keyboard. You will find everything needed to build it – even some pretty cool DSA keycaps.

This makes it a lot easier for you if you are in the EU as the GB is from the UK. Even though they are trying to destroy separate the country with Brixit, they still function as part of EU in terms of shipping taxes etc (for now at least).

You can find the group buy here:

Notes on the group buy

A Group Buy means that you pay money to the organizer (in this case Cable Car Designs) in advance and then they will order a batch of the product after a certain date. This means that schedule can slide a bit depending on production time, shipping etc.

The schedule for this GB is expected to be:

  • GB Opens 24/09 and runs to 08/10.
  • Payment and order placed with vendors. 09/10
  • Lead time on production is projected as 28 days.
  • If all goes well will be shipping 2nd to 3rd week of November.

There is a US proxy available through the Reddit user /u/hbheroinbob. The US orders will be collectively shipped to him and then he will ship it off to the individual shoppers in the US.

I am not affiliated with this group buy and simply mentions it as a service. I have bought a few of the things in the group by myself.

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