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Half-IOTA PCBs Ordered


Half-IOTA PCBs ordered

So today a person made me aware of another PCB production company in China. They are called AllPCB and right now they have free shipping worldwide (TNT or DHL) so I just had to try them out.

I have been wanting to get some PCBs for the Half-IOTA split keyboard from It is basically a Let’s Split keyboard but where the keys are moved much more together so it is almost the size of a Gherkin keyboard. You can read more about it here.

This could be a fun and quite a usable size to make, so I decided to order that one via AllPCB quick quote page(it gives you a price up front). The prices are comparable, if not cheaper than which I have previously used. You can especially save some money if you plan on getting otherPCBb colors than green (I ordered them in black)

Now I just have to wait a week or two until I have it. They say it has a built time of 2 days max. With 3-5days of (free)shipping,  it is not bad at all (considering it’s coming from China).

I will give an update as soon as I get them so others can know the quality etc.


NOTE: if you consider buying from them, then use this link and you will get a welcome coupon of value $20 for their shop.


Bottom side of half IOTA


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