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Review: MDA profile keycaps

MDA Profile and the Big Bang

Recently a new keycap profile has arrived – MDA profile. I had to get me some and try them out. This is my thoughts on this profile.

The smaller SA brother

The first keycap set I saw using it was the Big Bang MDA set which was sold by I is kind of a lower version of the lovely SA profile, and hence should make many happy as the height of SA caps often is the one thing people complain about.

Below you can see how MDA looks compared to the other profiles (M in MDA is “Mix” – hence the name in the image):

The different keycap profiles

The different keycap profiles

Big Bang for the bucks

I decided to get a few sets of the Big Bang set for my ortho keyboard and ended up ordering them from NKCP RGB CP Store @ Aliexpress as kbdfan were sold out (there were also a bit cheaper actually).

What intrigued me about this keycap set were (besides the nice colors), the fact that it was made for ortho keyboard and had coverage for most keyboards out there (almost at least).

Two sets of Big Bang MDA keycaps

One big problem with this keycap set is, that the tab key is not made to be where I would like to have it placed in 40% keyboard. This means that it will unfortunately break the uniformity of the profile when placed as I  want it. You might be able to spot the problem in the picture below.

Besides the problem with the tab key I really don’t have anything bad to say about this profile (and the tab problem is a keycap set problem – not a profile problem really!).

It is nice to get a bit of sculpting when normally using DSA or XDA profile keycaps. The quality and legends of the keycap set are great and the orange/green accents are a nice touch.

A close-up of the KBD4X keyboard with the Big Bang MDA keycaps

A close-up of the KBD4X keyboard with the Big Bang MDA keycaps

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  • Hellen August 13, 2019

    Thanks for your support of MDA profile .

    • Kim Schulz August 13, 2019

      MDA is wonderful. My biggest problem is the complete lack of international kits for them. I use e.g. ISO Nordic on most of my keyboards and here the MDA is not really usable,

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