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Big Switch 1-key

Built: september 2018

Big switch One-Key Lamp

This is a funny build. It is a huge a** Kailh Switch that was made for some time ago. I have a few of them laying around and one of them went into this build. Not buch of a build except buying the pieces, as Novelkeys already did a nice little pcb with RGB underglow and all and StrataKB did a nice case. I bought things, did the two solderings of the switch and put it together. Finally I did a fun “keymap” in QMK for it so it can work as a nice desk-lamp. It has 3 layers so I have one for simple “on-off”, one for changing rgb mode and one for changing default color.

  • Layout: One key
  • Keycaps: Huge one
  • Case: Sandwich Acrylic from StratoKB.
  • Switches: kailh Blue (Big switch)
  • Firmware: QMK custom layout
  • Built: September 2018

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