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Ergodox Infinity

Built: August 2018

Ergodox Infinity

This one I bought from a guy who had bought it off Massdrop but was never able to build it. He had messed up (as in completely broken) some of the middle layers, broken a few of the switches he actually managed to get in. I fixed up the switches but I am still looking to get some new middle layers. I might also end up getting rid of the bottom plate with the full-hand “I:C” part, as it is, honestly, quite ugly and  useless. The layout of the Ergodox is pretty nice though and the small lcd screen is a cool gimmick.


  • Layout: Ergo ortho-ish (very ergo)
  • Keycaps: DSA  Blank keycaps (in lack of better set right now)
  • Case: Ink Club version with alu plates and acrylic middle
  • Switches: Chery MX Brown
  • Firmware: QMK
  • Built: August 2018

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