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Mitosis wireless split keyboard

Mitosis Wireless Split Orto

Mitosis Wireless Split Keyboard

This keyboard was one I fell in love with the first time I read about the project on /r/mk. It was wireless, split and ergo-ortho-linear (ortho-linear columns but rows are staggered) – 3 of my favorite things.  I reached out to the original author of the PCB but he did not want to make more at that time. Another guy in Germany had done a Group Buy a month before but I was too late for that.

Finally, I saw that was running a group buy for the Mitosis keyboard – even with a custom case. I ordered it right away – this time with a new type of switches that I had never tried before (but I love them already).


  • Layout: ergo-ortho-linear with only 3 rows for all alpha/numbers/symbols
  • Switches: Kailh Box Brown (Tactile)
  • Case: Clear Acrylic sandwich type
  • Keycaps: (right now) DSA PBT black
  • Built: November 2017


  • Brad August 4, 2019

    Hi Kim,

    How do you find the thumb keys. Are there certain keys in the bottom two rows that arent practical to reach or what is your strategy?

    • Kim Schulz August 5, 2019

      Hi Brad,
      It takes a bit of getting used to the thump keys and the Keys where I have Esc and shift on the left hand (and of course similar lokation on right hand) are quite hard to reach without turning the hand position. I have put a shortcut to esc in func-q to have a feeling of hitting the esc in the usual spot.
      The upper thumb row can be difficult to hit with some sculpted keycaps but I usually have xda or dsa caps and they are fine for this.

  • Brad August 5, 2019

    Thanks very much Kim. I come from a Diverge 4 so was keen to know how (if at all) some of those thumb keys were practical. Cant help but love how minimal it is. Just struggling with the comfort level for my daily driver.

    • Kim Schulz August 5, 2019

      I like using the metosis for traveling etc but prefer my Iris as a daily driver (I am a programmer)

  • Brad August 5, 2019

    ok very interesting Kim. I have been sitting on the fence between the Iris or Redox. Lot’s of discussion around subtle differences re key staggering and if the Iris could do with an extra thumb key. Keen to hear your 2 cents worth if you have tried both?

    • Kim Schulz August 5, 2019

      Haven’t tried the redox enough to make comparison, but my only problem with the iris is the fact that the promicro is very easy to break the USB port off and it is very difficult to replace it due to the way it is placed in the case.

  • Brad August 6, 2019

    Thanks for your feedback Kim. Much appreciated. Yes that would be an issue for me because I always would be carrying one of them around.

    • Kim Schulz August 6, 2019

      They are only fragile when cable is plugged in. I fixed mine with a good amount of hot glue around the USB plug and that kept it from breaking off.

  • Brad May 1, 2020

    Hi Kim, with Mitosis, how do you tell if you are in a different layer? Can you set the controller to blink or similar?

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