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Foobar 1.1 PCB ordered

Picture for the foobar PCB. This is just one side - the other hand will have this in reverse (yes it says "bar" on the other side)

Foobar 1.1 PCB

The good guy /u/di0ib from the blog has just released the latest Gerber files (PCB description files) for a keyboard called Foobar 1.1. It is basically a split version of his other keyboard called Gherkin – a nice little 30key orthogonal keyboard.

I wanted to try the split version as well. Since the Gerber files were just released, there isn’t really any hardware available out there. This made me think that for once I could be the one to order the PCB’s directly from the production. di0ib even made a nice guide to how it can be done.

It was pretty easy and now I just have to wait. I ordered 10 PCBs + top and bottom plate so there should be enough for 5 keyboards. It can also be turned into 10 separate macropads with 15 keys each as the sides of this split keyboard can act individually.

Next step is to do a build-log here on the site – that will probably be around a month from now (as I am still missing some components coming from China).

I am planning to make this keyboard with either Cherry MX Brown or Gateron Brown switches that I have already lubed. It was lucky to get a few hundred switches of both types very cheap from another fellow keyboard geek. These will be perfect for simple hobby projects like this, even though I prefer the Cherry MX Clears in my daily use.

Want a Foobar keyboard?

As mentioned above, I ordered more of the PCB’s. This means that I have some spares. I am planning to sell the others on /r/mechmarket or if you contact me directly.  Price will be close to the price I paid myself. I am also awaiting a shipment of components for the boards, so you will be able to buy those along with the board as a whole kit.





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